Hard Hat Plus
My Rent-A-Room hotel street. Entrance is to left of green garage-type door
Red Pipes
Hong Kong Island-Central, view from Kowloon
Innovative plaza seating, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Hong Kong light show--every evening-flashing lights, lasers & music
Light Show closeup
Part of my empire
The escalator through the city
Chinese Deco
Light Show Closeup
Towers on the Hill
View from Victoria Peak
The Other side of the mountain
Water Taxi?
Charlotte Weiss, cousin once-removed
Rice fields from the train
Shanghai Hostel building with skyscrapers in background
Hostel Landmark
Street of hostel (to immediate left)
Street in French Concession
Solar Hot Water
Taikang Road Art Center, galleries, shops and Japanese Boys
Death before Birth
Sun Yatsen's former residence
Shop & owner
Nature persists
Exquisite Shanghai xiao long bao
Jacob Hashimoto (New York) at SH Contemporary Exhibition (reminded me of my Petri dish screen)
Maglev train to Shanghai airport
Shanghai Old Town
Modern China
Old Town
The edges of Old Town making way for a highrise
The City
Traditional Roof
Food sculpture at Westin Hotel restaurant
Rice harvest
Hotel in Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)
Entrance gate to Huangshan Park
The only deserted path
Thousand Foot Waterfall
Hotels at summit
SRO at viewpoint
Trees and rock wall
Village of Tangkou
Country homes
Hotel room in Beijing (note built in light controls in nightstand)
Bicycle Park Rainy Day
Pool near Worker's Cultural Palace, Beijing
Forbidden City entrance
Kettle for cooking whole hogs (5 feet in diameter)
Kettle Handles
Significant Building, count the figures
Another wall
Typical paint
Gate of Heavenly Purity (central art piece is a single giant piece of stone)
The Wall
Great Wall at Badaling with the Hordes
Endless People
More Wall
More Wall 2
Slogan plastered all around Beijing
Olympics building
Olympics Arena
Olympics Hotel
Olympics Acquatic Hall
Olympics construction
Olympics Stadium
Minaret & Tower
Dome and Trees
Traditional roofs
Kunming Lake, Summer Palace
Tower of the Fragrance of Buddha, Summer Palace
Wall of Buddhas
Long Corridor, Summer Palace
Corridor Ceiling
Marble Boat, Summer Palace
A Gate, Summer Palace
A Temple, Summer Palace
View from hill, Summer Palace
The Photographer
Hutong door
Fangyuan Hotel, Beijing (near Wangfujing shopping street & Forbidden City)
National Theater
National Theater and pool
New Construction, Old Style
Poly Theater Lobby
Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing
Holey Pavers
The Suburbs from the train
Rural Factory
Corn Harvest
Village by a river, through a dirty, scratched train window
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