In the Sierra Nevada mountains about 100 miles by air, 150 miles by road east of San Francisco is a special place. Purchased by Larry on May 31, 1999 the 63.3 acre parcel in Calaveras County, California is adjacent to California State Fish & Game property which adjoins the Stanislaus National Forest. It is west of Arnold, north of Sheep Ranch, north of Avery Road and ranges from 3000 feet to 3600 feet in elevation. The predominate feature is a bluff from which Mt Diablo, 75 miles west, is visible on clear days. An adjacent 23.3 acre parcel is co-owned with William. Tent camping was the only accomodation until May, 2001 when an 18 foot teepee from Reese Tipis was erected on a hillside spot leveled primarily with a shovel, pickaxe and wheelbarrow. The tipi sucumbed to sun, wind and rain in February 2004 whereupon the leveled area was enlarged and construction began on a wood frame 10' X 12' cabin sitting on a 20' by 20' deck. In the late 1800's this land was the domain of Saint Rubidium. The name, Parcel 37 honors him (the atomic number of rubidium is 37). It is also the legal parcel number: XXX-XXX-037.