MultiVision Dissolve Systems

This equipment is no longer manufactured. However, since it is one of the most powerful devices for control of Kodak Ektagraphic slide projectors considerable effort and expense has been devoted to repairing and maintaining the various units. Schematics and parts for all models and versions are not available. It is very possible that malfunctioning Composer 301, Maestro dissolve units or Opus computer boards can be repaired, however, a competent electronics engineer is required. Some of the instruction manuals are available for the cost of copying and mailing. Eventually I hope to put PDF files of the instruction manuals online. I am interested in compiling a database of Multivision users for historical artistic interest and for mutual support. If you are a user or owner of Multivision equipment please email me. Contact Larry AT SaintRubidium PERIOD com for more information.

List of MultiVision Products

Composer 301

Maestro Dissolve

OpusPC circuit board and software