Larry D. Ackerman

San Francisco, CA USA

Larry AT SaintRubidium PERIOD com


"Ether Room," a 3-projector installation at a Move On Art event, ___ 2005,
10 68 Market Street, San Francisco.

“Urban Zulu Mambo”, a 3-projector component for a solo theatrical performance piece conceived by Regina Taylor performed by Rhodessa Jones and directed by Edris Cooper Anifowoshe at Lorraine Hansberry Theater, San Francisco, January 10—27, 2002

“Saint Rubidium’s Temple” producer and artist for an exhibit with performances including three installations, seven sculptural pieces, a video piece, a microscopic piece, four multi-image performance pieces and collaborative works. SOMARTS Main Gallery, San Francisco, November 8—24, 2001 see additional documentation at

“The Impact of YLEM: 20 Years of Art, Science, and Technology” a group exhibit, a backlit portrait using circuit board media “Saint Rubidium 5C” SOMARTS Gallery, San Francisco, September 4--22,2001

“A Slight Variance” a three-projector component of a play in development by Brian Freeman, Artist-in-Residence, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Forum, San Francisco, March 1 & 2, 2001

“Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company “ a 3-projector program component for “Strings Calligraphy” with world premiere music by Gang Situ, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco, November 17 & 18, 2000

“Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company “ a 12-projector visual presentation and scenic design in collaboration with the Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company, presented by Young Audiences of the Bay Area at Zeum Theater, San Francisco, December , 1999

“Parts of Speech”, a 9-projector visual accompaniment and scenic design for a musical performance by Pamela Z, Theater Artaud, San Francisco, December 3—5, 1998.

“Projexpo 98”, “Ether Chamber”, a 12-projector installation with 8’ X 8’ X 4’ acrylic viewing chamber, The Lab Gallery, San Francisco, co-produced by Please Louise Productions & The Lab, 9 evenings, September 10—26, 1998.

“22nd San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival”, a 6-projector graphics, sponsor, donor and informational sequence, Castro Theater, San Francisco, 46 performances, June 18 -- 28, 1998

“Kevin Woodson,” Art Groove, a presentation of the artist’s work, 2 projectors, Ten 15 Folsom, San Francisco, March 10, 1998

“Projexpo 97,” Installation: Projection Bush & Tree and other vistas in the Projection Garden, 22 projectors and two control systems, The LAB, San Francisco, presented by Please Louise Productions, The LAB & Cinematheque, Friday September 5, 1997

“21st San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival”, a 6-projector graphics, sponsor, donor and informational sequence, Castro Theater, San Francisco, 45 performances, June 20 -- 29, 1997

“Outawak”, ODC/San Francisco, directed by Brenda Way, a 15 projector component (co-designed with Alex Nichols) of a multimedia dance performance with taped and live music by the Paul Dresher Ensemble,

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco, June 12 – 15, 1997.

Joyce Theater, New York City, July 29 – August 2, 1997.

“Take Me to the Tenderloin NOW!” Pearl Ubungen Dancers & Muscians, edited, programmed six projector visuals for music-narrative-dance, Ken Miller photographs, Theater Artaud, San Francisco, April 3 – 13, 1997

“Poor Superman,” a play by Brad Fraser with captions and images on four screens using 12 programmed projectors and live cueing, presented by Kaliyuga Arts, SOMAR Theater, San Francisco, February 6 – March 16, 1997

“Let There Be Light”, San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival”, a 3-projector sponsor, donor and informational sequence, Castro Theater, San Francisco, 45 performances, June 21 -- 30, 1996

“Chinese Myths Cantata”, a performance of music composed by Chen Yi by the Women’s Philharmonic Orchestra, Chanticleer (male vocal group) Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company and fifteen projector scenic visuals created from paintings by Lampo Leong, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco, June 14 -- 16, 1996

“Wild Horses: Diary of Dawn Dawn”, a multi-media musical utilizing a 10’ X 30’ screen and twelve projectors, a Robbie D Playstitute and Biscuit Box production, SOMAR Theater, San Francisco eleven performances, May 10 -- June 8, 1996

“Imperial Tombs of China Opening Celebration”, Lily Cai Dance Company, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, April 30 -- May 2, 1996

“Asian Cultural Night ‘96”, Lily Cai Dance Company, Anchorage, AK, April 27, 1996

“Eyeball to Eyeball”, a retrospective, solo multi-image performance with 19 pieces utilizing two to twelve projectors, eight performances, SOMAR Theater, San Francisco, November 2 -- 12, 1995

“Arte Multi Visione”, an international multi-image festival, screened “Pick Up Life”, Rieti, Italy, September 8, 1995

“Showcase”, Lily Cai Dance Company, Philadelphia, PA, February 9, 1995

"The Other New Year's Ball," a collaborative tribal celebration and benefit in a 14,000 sq ft space with two sound systems, performance with 24 projectors on over 800 sq ft of screens and a laser, 938 Harrison Street, San Francisco, December 31, 1994

"Special Screening" co-sponsored by Multi-Image Showcase, included four multi-image works by LA and a collaboration with Robbie D. performing live, 21 Bernice Street Playhouse, San Francisco, December 14, 1994

"Festival Internationale Arte Multi Visione," an international multi-image festival, "Soul Attack" screened and voted second most popular by audiences, "Meditations" also screened, Rieti, Italy, September 8-11, 1994

"Primal Edge", a collaborative installation and performance by the Burning Man and Desert Siteworks groups including a six projector installation and a three projector show by LA, SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, August 4 & 5, 1994

"Queer Stories," co-producer and presenter, a multi-artist group performance included five new multi-image works by LA, 848 Community Space, 848 Divisadero, San Francisco, April 23 & 24, 1994

Opening Act for Grateful Dead Chinese New Year's Show--Lily Cai Dance Co., programming and staging, Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA, February 20, 1994

"Femchismo, The Ravage" photography, programming, staging and assistant producer, Theater Artaud, San Francisco, December 2-5, 1994

"The Gathering," environmental projections at a rave in collaboration with Ken Kostovny, Santa Rosa, September 11, 1993

"Dumpster Provincial," an installation, Theater Artaud Marathon Benefit, July 31, 1993

"Desert Site: Preparing the Ground," projections on the terrain of the Black Rock Desert, NV as part of a collaborative art production and performance, July 1--5, 1993

Lily Cai Dance Company, projections staging, Chinese Cultural Center, May, 1993

"Honduras," three-projector show, "An Evening of Multi-Image Performance," Asian American Theater, San Francisco, June 2, 1992

"Omni-12" Collaborator and associate producer with Annie Doel, Theater Artaud, December, 1991

"A Bittersweet Christmas," eighteen-projector multi-image room/installation for Boz Scaggs, KQED's "Celebrations of Christmas," ShowPlace Square, San Francisco, December, 1990

"Blue Star," six-projector show, "An Evening of Multi-Image," McCune Theater, San Francisco, November, 1990

"PassPort '90" Conceptual and set design for Macy's, Pier 3, Ft. Mason, San Francisco, October, 1990,

"Liquid Dimensions," installation, Theater Artaud Benefit, June, 1990

"Dimensional Planes," installation, Projections in Performance, December, 1989, Theater Artaud

"Sawtrooth" installation, Theater Artaud Benefit, August, 1989

"Compound Dances," installation piece, Images & Sound in Concert, October, 1988, Theater Artaud

"STOP," Images & Sound in Concert, October, 1988, Theater Artaud, San Francisco

"Everted Kaleidiscope" installation piece, Images & Sound in Concert, May 1986, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

"Sea Trek," Images & Sound in Concert, May, 1986, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, co-produced with Curtis Degler

"Elektros," REFOCUS, University of Iowa film and photography festival, 1975

Various, 1975--1985 numerous shows produced and staged at homes, schools, bars, weddings, churches, parties, auditoriums & theaters

Outdoor "light show", Huntington College, Spring 1970


for: PointFix, Annie Doel & Off Beam Productions, Berkeley Repertory Theater, Gene Anthony, Trudi Unger, Buzz Evers, Tance Johnson & Tance Danz, Doug Baird & June Watanabe, Doug Baird & Lily Cai, Robert Horning & Lily Cai, George Coates Performance Works, Robbie D, Ark III Dance Co.


Huntington College, Huntington, IN 1968-1970
Central College, Pella, IA 1970
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 1972--1980, BA 1978 (General Science major--math, physics & zoology) film & video mentor--Franklin Miller


1964-----school yearbooks, newspapers, portraiture, freelance illustration, scientific and fine art

One-Man Show, East Street Gallery, Grinell, IA 1976

Group Show, Patmos Gallery, Toronto, 1977


Multi-Image Showcase member since January, 1984; Board of Directors from May, 1985 to December, 1991; Treasurer from January, 1989 to December, 1991.

Member of: FrameLine, Cinematheque, Microscopy Society of America


Nominated by the Bay Area Theater Critics Circle with John Sowle for Lighting Design of Poor Superman production at SOMAR Theater, February 6—March 16, 1997